About the Team

The Rocket Team at UCSC is a student group dedicated to the building and launching high-power amateur rockets. The team is open to anyone, regardless of skill level or experience, as long as you have a passion for building things and you’re willing to learn. There are opportunities for people of all majors. We’re always welcoming new members year-round! A time commitment is required (ranging from a minimum 5 hours per week, to all-nighters when we get to deadlines), but flexible.

There are 5 teams: ADaptive Aero-breaking System (ADAS), Payload, Airframe, Recovery, and Outreach. Click on the Teams tab to learn more about what each team does! There are a wide variety of skills that are used on each team, including microcontroller programming, electronics (PCB design, using standard EE tools), technical writing, 3D modeling (CAD), applied physics and math, painting, CNC, and using manual tools. We hold onboarding and workshops during Fall quarter to learn these skills.

The Rocket Team is a great way to gain real-world engineering skills, meet bright and friendly people, get involved on local community service by teaching kids physics through rocketry, get leadership positions, and have fun building and launching rockets!


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The team was founded in 2017, and has participated in NASA’s Student Launch Initiative (SLI) all 3 years. This is an annual competition where we compete against other universities to launch our rocket to an exact height (about a mile) and build a payload experiment (this year it’s a drone)! If everything goes well, we will go to Huntsville, Alabama to NASA for the competition in early Spring quarter. Outside of SLI (which ends Spring quarter), we also have made plans to L1 Certifications, launch model rockets, compete in an Alka-seltzer rocket competition.


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We are part of the Sustainability Lab (S-lab or just Slab) at UCSC, an engineering lab that other engineering orgs (Slugbotics, Formula Slug) and projects are also under. Through S-lab, we have access to lab space (in Thimann Labs) and 3D printers.

How to Join

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  • Join the Google Drive and Slack (and Github if you're interested in programming). Message [email protected] asking for an invite
  • Complete the safety trainings on the Safety Checklist in the Drive (ask Brandon Erickson if you have any questions. These are primarily online and should take 1-3 hours)
  • Come to our meetings! Check the calendar for meeting times. Safety training is required to attend subteam meetings, but not general meetings.